lunes, 12 de junio de 2017


This is the story we worked about today in  6th grade. We have completed the text using some verbs in past.
After that we have seen the video of this wonderful story. Here is a bit of the story:
In 1969, John and his friend Ace bought a lion cub in Harrods (exotic animals deparment)
They called the lion Christian. When Christian was one year old, he was very big. They  travelled to Kenia with Christian.
One year later, John and Ace travelled to Kenia again to see Christian. When they shouted Christian's name. He walked towards them. And Christian hugged John and Ace.
Christian remembered them.
And here is the video.

7 comentarios:

  1. Rocio 6ºB:
    It's a very beautiful video!!
    Ace and his friend had very good luck.

  2. Mauro 6ºB:
    Teacher Christian the lion looks like a dog, the reunion is very exciting

  3. Hi Rocio and Mauro!!!
    Yes it's so beautiful and it's like a dog or a cat but ... a big cat!
    See you

    1. Hello teacher, an old student of 6A, I came to tell you that the holidays and the year go well for you.😍😍😘😉😉♡❤

    2. Hi Juan Antonio ;-)
      Have a nice year!!

  4. HELLO
    I´m Lucy from 4thB.
    I love this video because it´s very funny.
    Good bye.

  5. Hello, I,m Hannah from 4thB.
    I love this video.